WONCA ASIA PACIFIC Regional Conference Bali-Indonesia, 2022

Primary Health Care Transformation:

Challenges and Opportunities for Family Medicine

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am Isti Ilmiati Fujiati, on behalf of the The Indonesian Association of Family Physicians would like to extend to you a warm invitation for The Wonca Asia Pacific Regional Conference coming up in Bali, the Island of Gods, in 5-7 December 2022.

The Wonca Asia Pacific Regional Conference this time will be the first face to face international conference held after the two years period of Covid-19 pandemic. It will be a great opportunities to share our experiences in family medicine and primary care which play important roles in most parts of the world during the pandemic. This conference will give us all chances to meet, discuss and implement positive change under the theme primary health care transformation, challenges and opportunities for family medicine. Knowing Bali as one of awesome destination with numerous beautiful beaches and sites will be an additional pleasure to all participants. In addition, the hospitality of Balinese is also a hallmark and can make us feel at home.

The Wonca Asia Pacific Regional Conference will consist of pre-conference, workshops, plenary session, symposiums, oral and poster presentations. We will have as well credible speakers from well-known institutes. We are really proud to host and present this incredible event. We sincerely hope that the event will be beneficial for all of us and we surely are looking forward to see you all in Bali.

Isti Ilmiati Fujiati
Chair of Indonesian Association of Family Physicians


It is a pleasure to welcome you to Bali in this prestigious international event, the WONCA Asia Pacific Conference. Because of the pandemic, in the last two years we were being accustomed to conduct meetings in virtual manners. Now is the time to meet each other’s in one of the most famous travel destinations in Indonesia, Bali.

In this international event, we will sit together and discuss how to transform our medical service which in turn will influenced also the transformation of medical education. As we now facing the new challenges, we have to reform and transform our primary care and family medicine service, in order to respond the new demands which are the change of the preferred service and to customize to meet the patients’ needs especially in the field of promotion and prevention.

A lot of things that we have to do together, and it is not only the health professional who has to think and do the change. We need to work hand-in-hand with all partners and stakeholders and for this reason, we also invite every partner to join this event. We belief that the contribution of national or international private sectors, government and non-government organizations in this event will enrich every participant to see the challenges and opportunities in the future, and therefore take part in transforming the primary health care.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Bali.

Trevino A. Pakasi
Chair of WONCA Asia Pasific Regional Conference

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